About White Pelican Consulting

White Pelican Consulting is an independent woman-owned, WBE, DBE and ESB Oregon certified consulting firm focusing on stormwater management and surface water quality issues. Our environmental and water resource engineering services include:

Residential Stormwater Management

Residential Stormwater Permits

Commercial NPDES

Open channel flow

Closed pipe flow

Water quality

Stormwater regulation

Facility design

Research and development

Product improvement

Data Analysis

About the Founder, Deborah Beck P.E.

Having spent years doing water quality research and development and working for both consultant firms and private manufacturers, Environmental Engineer Deborah Beck P.E. founded White Pelican Consulting, LLC to focus on stormwater and surface water quality issues.

Deborah has over 15 years of combined research and engineering experience. She has designed and built two water quality laboratories, helped manufactured stormwater products achieve NJDEP Stormwater Technology and CA Trash Treatment Control Device certifications, designed and built a number of stormwater product testing systems the effectively utilized open channel flow, closed pipe flow, pumps and various flow control setups, to study media and hydrodynamic methods of stormwater pollutant removal.
Passionate about projects that effectively address stormwater and surface water pollution, Deborah is fond of pushing the envelope on what is possible and asking “How can we make it happen?”